It's grievouspants yo


Something important to know, don't fear the beard, its just as scared of you as you are of it. For the moment its in hiding but don't worry it will return eventually
Logan Smith, Grievouspants Inc.
I've been a musician for most of my life, starting orchestra in the fifth grade. In middle school two very important things happened that changed the fate of the world. The first being that I switch from violin, due to my god awful skills on it, to the upright bass, permanently solidifying my groovyness/foxitude. Second I received my first guitar. From there life got fun. In high school I was the bassist in the band formerly known as Ashlyn Dane, that was later transformed in to Dane. We rocked, nuff said.
Well apparently that isn't "nuff" said. I went to Baylor to study the upright bass and play in the symphony. After seemingly endless years there, I am finally leaving to join the workforce as an orchestra director.

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